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We are the galaxy's stalkers. We are the ones who dare to go where others don’t. The very thought of one of us on your trail, huntin you, day after day, is enough to cause even the most hardened criminal or murdere to start sleepin less and worryin more.
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 To apply For Vice

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PostSubject: To apply For Vice   To apply For Vice I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 28, 2010 8:48 pm

Give us your mains and times u can be on and what would stop u from being on! Wat makes u a vice for Bounty.Hunters ^^ <3

Here Is a example

I would love the chance to be a Alt vice, I feel i would be good at this for the following reasons

1) I get along very well with other clan members, and try and help as much as i can with whatever they need

2) i play everyday and try and do raids every day

3) im constantly upgrading and leveling my team (both my raid team and PvE team)

4) I love being a member of the bounty hunters!

My main team (PvE and some raids)

Expert edwardo
Expert Romina
Expert Fighter

Raid Team

Expert musk
Vet 5 Cloude
Vet 8 scout

Im on active playing everyday between 6pm and 2am (i do take short breaks lol), somtimes im on in the early afternoon. Im logged in 24/7 leveling my guys so its always possible to contact me.

what stops me from playing.

1) maint
2) family events (rare)
3) eating dinner

thanks for your consideration! if you have any questions feel free to contact meh!

- Hunter
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PostSubject: My CV   To apply For Vice I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 28, 2010 9:46 pm

Curriculum Vitae

Family Name : Donathon
Family lvl: 17 (I mainly focus on my main team and will increase the lvl later)
Main Team : Raid + PvE
Expert Fighter (Mariana)
Expert Musk (Karina)
Expert Musk (Farina)

Expecting to Expert for PvP/PvE
Lisa, Baek/Soso, Romina

Experiences :

Past Clan Leader of Casenova Clan (some members including ^Victory^, xaldalyx and Meatbun are in BH now)
Past Deputy Vice Leader of Islands Clan (a lot of members are in BH now)
Have done raids numerous times : Queen Eater, Vergo, Uranus, FG, Chateau de Bourgogne, Jormongand, Griffon, Team Arena etc Experienced in leading out raids and especially during clan wars or massive PvP


Socializing and making new friends everyday
Helping out fellow clannies and friends
Keep in touch with everyone
Guiding new players throughout quests and vital parts of the game

Objectives and Goals:

Becoming a server celebrity
Making my fellow clan even more active with 50+ active members at all times
Making my fellow clan powerful enough to win all colonies
Making my main team powerful with all e100+ gears
Growing a huge community of helping friends

What makes me special:

My time zone is of south-east Asia (GMT +6) and I am usually on when the rest of the server's sleeping
Normally active from 8am till 12pm and again from 10pm till 12am (my time zone)
Awesome friend to have
Will be able to host TA every single day
Very hard working and a non-gold user
Just Fair

What keeps me from playing:

Power Breakage (quite common at where I live and usually lasts for about an hour)


Bounty Hunters is my dream clan and I love being a part of it. afro


THANKS Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: To apply For Vice   To apply For Vice I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 29, 2010 10:43 am

cheers cheers cheers cheers
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PostSubject: Re: To apply For Vice   To apply For Vice I_icon_minitime

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To apply For Vice
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