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 The switch Please read Before You apply for vice

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The switch Please read Before You apply for vice Empty
PostSubject: The switch Please read Before You apply for vice   The switch Please read Before You apply for vice I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 28, 2010 8:42 pm

I been seeing vices not on, or not very active and mostly some doing most of the work. To cut it short i want to make a switch. If vices cant be on we'll switch them for the time being we'll be choosing people who can become vices who are active and are on and help out. Who have there head on straight, plus have a general idea on what is going on in the game. Also those who help the clan out and not just themselves. People who haven't started drama and such. If your a vice and you can't be active, please let me know so I can assign an alt to help out while your out of commission or not going to be available for what ever reason. I mean if its for a day or two, that's different, but if your gonna be gone for a week or more, then we need to get an alt. Plus this gives me an opportunity to see how others do as vices.

Thanks for your understanding and reading. Your input is very much welcome. I would like for others to apply and tell me why they feel they should be an alt.

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The switch Please read Before You apply for vice
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