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 Team Arena

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PostSubject: Team Arena   Team Arena I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 30, 2010 3:05 pm

Another copy pasta from IAH... I'm partly doing for my own benefit, so I dont have to look around for guides later ^__^ And I figured it would help other people to prepare for upcoming battles smile.gif

Hack ‘n Slash + Arena Coins = Victory

Team Arena – Yet another way to play GE
There’s colony wars, leveling, dungeons, forgotten territories, elections, character collecting and a million other things to do in GE, and now – there’s RTS action. You know DOTA right? Well IMC loves it, and it was a big influence on the new team arena.

How it works
Simple. Yellow Team at one end of a corridor filled map, Blue Team at the other end. Advance to the other base, killing monsters and making your team stronger. Take the other base and win.

The Map
The two bases are linked together by 3 path lanes guarded by towers and bosses. Each path comes with three levels of defense waiting for any attacker.
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The Bases
Aside from lightning towers and a greedy skeleton, both paths are filled with waves of monsters just as interested in making you fail as the other team. At the end of your journey waits Dilos Latemn, protecting the opposite base.
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Kill Dilos to win the event.

The Creeps
If you see a Winged Daemon, Kobold Archer or Escudo Prefer running toward you, kill them. These monsters spawn from the bases and drop Arena Coins, which can be used to purchase buffs and upgrades for your team. Your own base will also spawn these baddies – but the ones from your base mean to help – so keep ‘em safe.
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Neutral creeps will spawn around the map throughout the event. These uglies have no alignment to either team and will attack all players in the map. However, these monsters drop a lot more Arena Coins when killed, so take them down to get those sweet buffs.

The Balance
Team Arena is all about the fight, not about your level, so players inside are balanced accordingly. Dig the table!

Level (AR/DR)
1 to 100 60/60
Veteran 61/61
Expert 63/63

There is a loophole though. While your level won’t get you far – enchantments still apply. Here are some of the options available. (This is not the full list)

Types of Enchanting Options
Attack Type: ATK, ATK Speed, Accuracy, Physical Penetration, Magic Penetration, Fire ATK, Ice ATK, Lightning ATK, Mental ATK
Defense Type: DEF, Evasion, Block, Immunity, Magic RES, Fire RES, Ice RES, Mental RES, Lightning RES, Movement Speed

The Buffs
There are five merchants inside the arena selling buffs and upgrades for your team. You’ll need to collect arena coins and upgrade your team quickly if you’re looking to win.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Consumable Item Volunteer
Buy a Team Arena Soul Crystal to resurrect your characters if they are killed in battle, or Base Return Sheets for quick teleportation characters back to base.

Team Upgrade NPC
Increases the attack, defense and health attributes of your base creeps.

Enemy Debuff
Decreases the accuracy, attack power, and defense power of all the characters in the opposing team permanently. In addition, this NPC can also apply temporary status effects such as stun, electric shock and ritardi on the opposing team.

Family Attack Buff
Increases the attack rating, attack power, attack speed, accuracy and physical penetration of all characters in your family.

Family Defense Buff
Increases the defense rating, defense power, evasion, block, immunity and movement speed of all characters in your family.

Family Attribute Attack Buff
Increases the magic penetration and additional elemental damage of all characters in your family.

Family Attribute Defense Buff
Increases the elemental resistance of all characters in your family.

The Characters
Use anyone you like! There are no restrictions on which characters you can bring into team Arena. With Granado Espada currently housing a cast of more than 70 characters – you’ve got a lot to choose from.

Team Arena FAQ (by Mardias, sGE Forum)
What is Team Arena?
Team Arena is a new feature in the 3.2 update.

2 hours will be given for 2 teams to head on each other, from a minimum of 3v3 to a maximum of 10v10. <-- Note: Changed to 9v9 max in 3.4?

The objective is to take down the enemy boss, Dilos Latemn, within their Home Base.

There are 3 difficulties and channels, but so far no significant differences have been noticed in all 3 difficulty levels.

When and Where will it take place?
There 2 sessions are available everyday:
2000H - 3 characters
2300H - 1 character only

A system message will be announced 5 mins before the event starts, and from your Events window (Alt-A) you can warp directly, even across channels, to where the event will take place (generally LV3/CH1 at Reboldeux Queen's Gate).

Each entry costs 100 Family Reputation points to enter. <--- Note: No longer seem to apply? And winning the TA seem to give some rep points as rewards.

The Event is Mission-based, so you can create your own room and set your own passwords (so you can shut out players who think that they are indispensible, such as an ex-Cervantes-halc who sold faction ELNs for himself and got hated by his own mates).

System Balancing of Teams
Inside the Team Arena (referred to as TA from here on), All AR/DR will be defaulted to 60 regardless of what equipments you hold. Options such as Atk Up, Atk Spd Up, Penetration etc still applies.

+5, +AR on weapons, the innate +1 AR on Selva Arm and +1 DR on shields, all will NOT apply.

Veterans will have +1 on their AR/DR, and Experts will have +3 (+1 from Vet, +2 from Expert), so Experts start with AR 63.

All additional buffs that happens inside the TA, such as Intensify, Fortify, Hawkeye, Cat's Eye, Concentrate, Enchanted Arm, Elemental Penetration etc, will still add to your AR/DR.

Game Objective
Apart from PvP, there will be mobs and bosses on both sides.

The game objective is to destroy the Boss (Dilos Latemn) in enemy home base.

Game Mechanics
As Dilos starts with AR/DR 73, and you start with 60 base AR, so before that, you will have to accumulate Arena Coins (by killing mobs or opponent families), and you can use these coins to buy the following from NPCs within the Home Base :

- Arena Upgrade (Player HP and SP)
- Enemy Debuff (Enemy player stats and status)
- Family Offense (AR,ATK,Atk Spd,Penetration etc)
- Family Defense (DR,DEF,Immunity etc)
- Family Magical Offense (Fire Atk, Magic Atk, etc)
- Family Magical Defense (Fire Res, Mental Res etc)

Same types of buffs are not accumulative, means you can't increase your AR 1 by 1 for example. Means need to accumulate coins one shot if you want to say, bring up your AR by 10. The buffs are permanent. You can stack different types of buffs, for example Atk Spd + 50 as well as Defense + 50.

Take note that a dead character will not receive the buff when you buy them, so make sure you are properly resurrected before you buy any buffs.

15 Arena Soul Crystals, 30 Arena Coins and 10 Base Return Sheets will be provided per family at the start of the game. You can get more of them as you destroy enemy mobs, or in rare cases, buy from the TA NPC. You will not keep them them when you exit the mission.

The Arena Coins can be found under your Items->Misc, while the SCs and Base Return Sheets will be in your Premium Items menu.

Enemy mobs in specific areas will increase in level (and also drop more coins) as you destroy the corresponding bases.

You will drop whatever Arena Coins you are carrying if you get killed by opponent family. You won't drop any if you get killed by mob.

If you use event SC, you'll restart at Home Base. Normal SC will raise you on the same spot.

There will be a 5AR/5DR buff inside Home Base、and also a major HP/SP boost for the duration of the Arena.

Boss mobs (Thora, Golden Spider, Giant Comodo) will appear from time to time, and will be announced on the local system broadcast.

The system broadcast will announce it when your base Bosses are being attacked by players too.

If the game is completed within 10 mins (all members on one sides dies), the match is considered to be invalid.

If the time ends without killing the boss, the side with more survivors will be declared the winner. Take note that "survivors" meaning "characters standing at the point of judgement".

The Rewards
At the end of the mission, 12 Treasure Chests will appear, and you have to open and pick up the item.

Rewards from Chests:
- LV 90 Exp Cards (920,000) x 6-8
- E84, U92, L100 equipments
- E84, U92 recipes
- Random rings

If you are able to take down Dilos, there's quite a load of possible drops.

Rewards from Dilos:
- Ores
- Rings
- L100 weapon / armors
- Le Blanc (all classes)
- Rough Belt, Rough Leather Belt recipe
- Le Noir recipe
- HQ Gems
- Siren Scale / Archangel's Heart / Rafflesia Seed recipes
- 92-100 Enchant Chips
- Veteran Enchant Chips
- Constellation Symbols

Team Arena Map

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

1-1, 2-1 and 3-1 are Scyllas.
1-2, 2-2 and 3-2 are KOGs.

Mobs Appearing in the Team Arena
Normal Mobs
Escudo Prefer (Undead)
Kobold Archer (Wild Beast)
Winged Demon (Demon)
Note: Normal mobs drop 2-6 coins each, depending on the number of Bases you downed in the area.

Unique Mobs
Thoracotomy (Undead)
Golden Spider (Insect)
Giant Comodo (Wild Beast)
Note: Unique mobs drop between 50-80 coins each, so if you see one, don't let it go.

Base Bosses
Scylla (Lifeless)
King of Greed (Undead)
Gate (No Type)
Dilos Latemn (Human)
Note: Scyllas drop 100 coins, Gates drop 200 coins, and KOG drop 300 coins each.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Types of Buffs that can be bought in the Team Arena

Team Arena Upgrade (Present Level - Cost to next upgrade)

This buff upgrades the mobs on your side.

The cost of the buffs get progressively higher.

- Monster LV
- Monster Atk Up
- Monster Def Up
- Monster AR Up
- Monster DR Up
- Monster HP (LV x 20%)

Enemy Debuff

Debuff works on enemy players, not mobs.

The cost of the buffs get progressively higher.

- Acc Down
- Atk Down
- Def Down
- Stun
- Shock
- Ritardi

Family Offense

- AR (Max +10, cost 150 coins)
- Attack (Max +50, cost 50 coins)
- Attack Speed (Max +50, cost 50 coins)
- Accuracy (Max +50, cost 50 coins)
- Physical Penetration (Max +50, cost 150 coins)

Family Defense

- DR (Max +10, cost 180 coins)
- Defense (Max +50, cost 70 coins)
- Evasion (Max +50, cost 70 coins)
- Block (Max +50, cost 70 coins)
- Movement Speed (Max +50, cost 70 coins)
- Immunity (Max +50, cost 180 coins)

Family Attribute Offense

- Mental Attack (Max +100, cost 50 coins)
- Fire Attack (Max +100, cost 50 coins)
- Ice Attack (Max +100, cost 50 coins)
- Lightning Attack (Max +100, cost 50 coins)
- Magical Penetration (Max +50, cost 150 coins)

Family Attribute Defense

- Magic Resistance (Max +50, cost 70 coins)
- Fire Resistance (Max +50, cost 70 coins)
- Ice Resistance (Max +50, cost 70 coins)
- Lightning Resistance (Max +50, cost 70 coins)
- Mental Resistance (Max +30, cost 100 coins)

Recommended Characters for Team Arena (My own opinion (Mardias))

#1 Musk with Outrage
Pros :
- Quick damage and dps for mobs and bosses
- Sapping Shot very effective for PVP
- All-rounding and versatile

#2 Claude (with various types of polearms)
Pros :
- Quick damage and dps for mobs and bosses
- High toughness for PVP

#3 Romina (with Equities/Flintlock)
Pros :
- Strong offense and defense
- Able to ress other teammates
Cons :
- Can't hit Winged Daemons

#4 Calyce
Pros :
- Good for assassination during PVP (esp during MCC1)
Cons :
- Weak in damage-dealing
- Otherwise useless if no opponent active.

#5 Rio
Pros :
- Fast Damage
- Extra buff with Shining Ballade
- Evocation Lightning + 50 Acc Buff + 50 Atk Spd + Enchanted Arm = Super Damage Dealer
Cons :
- Tanking Dilos with Evocation Lightning stance can be dangerous as Dilos attacks with Fire.

#6 Kurt/Edward (with Rapiere and good rapiers)
Pros :
- Very fast damage on single targets

#7 Grandma (with Hanging Guard and a good GS)
Pros :
- High damage
Cons :
- Can't hit Winged Daemons

Team Arena Tactics and Flow
In general, these are the steps to clearing TA :
1) Farm coins and buff
2) Down Level 1 Bases (Scyllas)
3) Down Level 2 Bases (KOG)
4) Down Home Base Gates/Scyllas
5) Buff Team Arena mobs
6) Down Dilos

For downing Dilos, if there isn't much resistance and the team is imbal enough to deal damage to Dilos, step 5, or even step 4, can be skipped.

It might not be necessary to down all the Home Base Gates/Scyllas, but if you do, it allows more mobs to flow in and help gang-**** ah pek.

If there are active enemy players, the squad should decide a sequence for people to buff. Like, Player A buff DR and AR first, then move on to the next player to buff, etc.

Typically, we start by buffing in the following order :
1) DR
2) AR
3) Atk Spd
4) Atk
5) Def
6) Acc (where applicable)
7) Block/Evasion (where applicable)
8 ) Physical / Magical Penetration (where there are spare coins)
9) Lightning res (against Scylla), Fire res (against Dilos), Magic res (against their attacks), Mind res (against Reverse/Shock/Ritardi)

If there are no opponent players, offensive buffs should go first, since having a higher offense = easier to down Scyllas = mobs drop more coins after downing Scylla = faster and more effective to farm. But generally, without DR, it's harder to take on the KOGs, unless you are imbal people like IGN starts with "Ch" and ends with "res".

Team Upgrade buffs should take the following priority, generally during the last stages of TA, like after downing Gates :
1) AR
2) Atk
3) DR
The other buffs should be done only when there are not enough coins to do the above buffs.

Looting after Dilos
Most of the drops from Dilos are FFA, regardless of who dealt the most damage or who landed the killing blow.

Generally, Squad Looting Rule is switched to Acquire By Order before downing Dilos so that it's generally fair for all participants in the squad. Depending on preference, some people might want to switch it back to normal before the Treasure Chests rewards. Personally I'm in more favour of leaving it at Acquire By Order even for the chests so that everyone will get something useful at least.

Take note that when Dilos is defeated, the items will drop FFA all over the floor. While the "VICTORY!" message is on, players will not be able to loot the items on the floor, but their pets can. In addition, it should be ensured that the floor is clean (pure talts etc from your own minions killed by ah pek) before Dilos dies. So if you're not in a squad, show some ettiquette by keeping your pets before Dilos dies.

Additional Tips and Info
It would be good to have someone as the leader to oversee the entire operation. Communication is very important - equate this to a small-scaled CW.

For MCC1, it's usually harder to down Dilos cos of firepower. Typically at least 2 Gates have to be downed to allow enough mobs to flow in. Most of the time 3.

Sometimes you may find that mobs just run past ah pek because the position is not right. If that happens, you can "nudge" him into the right position by moving closer to him, since his attacks require a little bit of distance.

Invisibility doesn't work on mobs, but a fully attack-buffed Musk on Invisible Pot is pretty fun. Esp if your opponent can't block.

Junction at E4-F4 (for Blue team) and G8-H8 (for Yellow team) are good spots for farming coins with minimal disturb.

For Scyllas, it's sufficient to down it with Atk Spd + AR. KOG usually requires DR and Def in addition.

Attack the Scyllas/KOGs from behind so your mobs can help attack them. Get someone who is not buffed yet to help with mob control.

If there are too many people on the team, the coins may not be enough to buff everyone. In such case, players will have to decide on whether they want personal firepower, or prefer to save the coins for mob upgrades.

If you want to use Hrin's, use it for the bases as well as farming. Don't waste it on Dilos.

[V3.2 Feature] Survive the Team Arena! IAHGames
Team Arena FAQ by Mardias

i got this info from

Daily Event Mission - Team Arena, v3.2, GE:DOTA O.O
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Team Arena
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