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We are the galaxy's stalkers. We are the ones who dare to go where others don’t. The very thought of one of us on your trail, huntin you, day after day, is enough to cause even the most hardened criminal or murdere to start sleepin less and worryin more.
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 Gate of Hell Vet - Expert

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PostSubject: Gate of Hell Vet - Expert   Gate of Hell Vet - Expert I_icon_minitimeFri May 07, 2010 3:30 am

Probably the easiest Gate at the moment.
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Raid Info

* 1 Hell Valley Key (dropped by monsters in El Cannon de Diabolica)

* 30 families max per mission

* Time limit: 35 minutes

Purpose of mission: Kill 4 Dragon Heads. Two are Magic and two are Berserker (melee). And to remove the rotating blades that block the path to the main boss, Chrysalis. Kill Chrysalis to complete mission
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GE has really bad wording errors. The hint given can't even be seen properly so let me re-sentence it:

"HINT! To gain access to the chrysalis, defeat all of the Dragon Heads!"
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Once you've killed all four Dragon Heads the rotating blades will be removed so you can meet Chrysalis in the last part of the map.
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Monster Infomation

* L95 White Grim Reapers (not airborne)
* L95 Black Grim Reapers (not airborne)
* L100 Berserker Dragon Head (very weak to elemental attacks)
* L100 Magical Dragon head (very strong against elemental attacks)
* L100 Chrysalis (same attack pattern as in the Prison Assize and L51 Clan Quest)
* L100 Turrets (can freeze your characters with their attacks)
* L100 Rotating Blades (disabled when you kill all four Dragon Heads)

The Magical Dragon Head has nearly the same stats as the Berserker. The only difference is the elemental resistance. [If anyone can supply the stats of the Magic Dragon Head, please do].
Gate of Hell - Wiki of the new world
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The main boss, Chrysalis
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Now comes the strategy part. Hell Gate is a very short mission, so how fast you kill the bosses is crucial for victory. But that does not mean you should just rush the boss head on. Being a Rambo in this map will not make you a winner.

Gate of Hell, Help Map
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There are three parts to this mission:

Part 1
The first part is to kill the first Berserker Dragon Head and Magical Dragon Head at C3 and D3. Stick together and build turrets and wards, etc. Usually strong people have big egos and prefer to be alone and fight far from the pack. Don't do this.This is a team mission, not a solo mission after all. The Grim Reapers respawn very fast. Stick together and you can kill them quickly. Use Elementalists on the Berserkers Dragon Heads and melee/ranged on the Magical Dragon Heads. The target is to kill these two in under 10 minutes. Once they die, revive all the dead players, rebuff and run to B3.

Part 2
Run all the way to B3 and stop at the green spot as is indicated on the above map. Why stop here you ask? The reason is simple; the monsters here are not easily killed. Since we ran here there will be a huge train of monsters following behind so stop here to kill them first. As the main team is doing this, send some players to go and lure the remaining Beserker Dragon Head and Magical Dragon Head to the main team.

There is a large advantage to fighting in that narrow path. You won't get mobbed from all directions and since the place is compact your AoE spells hit more enemies (blizzard, tornado holding, etc).

Some of you think that to engage the Dragon Heads at the big space is faster rather than luring them to the narrow path. Actually, that's wrong. You spend more time healing and reviving others and killing other monsters than attacking the Dragon Heads. So fight in the narrow path to make the killing faster. You also have around 10 minutes preferably to kill the last two Dragon Heads to keep on schedule. Once this is achieved the rotating blades will be removed and you can proceed to the last part of the map. Revive, rebuff and run to B5.

Part 3
If you completed Part 1 under 10 minutes and Part 2 under 10 minutes as wellyou should have around 15 minutes left to kill the main boss, Chrysalis. Run to B5 and set up a base there by building wards, turrets and blades, etc. I have indicated the spot in green on the map.
Stick together and kill the monsters that followed you since you ran all the way here. This spot is safe since Chrysalis' AoE is centered around him and he cannot move from that position. The AoE range is indicated by the red ring on the map. Build your base just outside of his AoE range.

To kill Chrysalis it is a good idea to adopt hit and run tactics. Keep Caths, Jacks, Yeganehs and Scouts near the base. Send all the attackers to damage Chrysalis. Once Chrysalis is about to use his AoE, run back to the base out of its range then afterwards send the attackers back to whack him. Rinse and repeat this process until he dies. Then you can enjoy the rewards.
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Gate of Hell Vet - Expert
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