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We are the galaxy's stalkers. We are the ones who dare to go where others don’t. The very thought of one of us on your trail, huntin you, day after day, is enough to cause even the most hardened criminal or murdere to start sleepin less and worryin more.
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 Clan Rules

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PostSubject: Clan Rules   Clan Rules I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 25, 2010 6:15 pm

Well As you know we're a new clan. We are trying to develop this clan to make it strong and successful.

~Here Are the Main Rules~


*No selling better than (LN/ELN/ELB) armors Outside clan. (But you can sell it, if it's on Clan Bid and your price you want isn't good enough for you...)

*No selling 32AR or better weapons outside of clan. (Gate weapons not included.)

*Please no drama If you have issue, please contact a vice or leader. We are more then happy to help you.

*No Botting in clan, if you get caught, you will be removed from clan automatically. If you can prove your innocence then we (leader/vices) will vote to let you back in.

*No duping! there is no voting you back for this. Duping causes issues with the whole clan.

*No begging. If you ask to borrow or have equips and denied, don't keep asking.

*Five Raids A week or get kicked Its easy to Do Five raids since there TA and We do at Times 2 Raids A day

*For raids, there is a designated person to pick up drops unless stated otherwise.
***For certain raids there are exceptions to rules and will be posted at a later time.

*************************AS VICE POINT OF VIEW****************************
here are a few things i want to tell you guys. I noticed that we need to be more active in order not to turn into a afk lvling Clan.
Since i play this Game for quite some time now i even have an idea how to achieve that so that all of us who are active get rewarded and we get stronger as a Clan. Nobody here likes to Farm or camp a Boss that cant be done with an instant mission. I think i know why it is like this. Who wants to camp a Boss or check Map if u just get share like the rest of ppl that joined up with u later to do the raid.
So here is my idea how we might change things and reward those who are active.

- Each Member pays a weekly fee to our Clan Bank.
- Clan Bank buys requested things for raids from you (silver Hammer/ Leaves etc.)
- U camped a Boss like Griffin? Thats good u get 1 free Item of your choice from Loot.
- All drops from Raids will be shared in Raid Squad. Means all lvl 100 Items and 92e to special Items will be auctioned after Raid if nobody wants an Item Clan Bank can buy it and resell in Clan. The rest of 84e can be shared in Round Robin just like now.
So you have you have to help out too!

It is not just the leader/vices responsibilities to keep track of these rules. If you see something that you feel is illegal, or is against the rules posted, then let a leader/vice know. Your name will be left out of it, but we will look at both sides.
Oh! Please Give notice if you are not going to be on for a few days and weeks!

Love, Your Clan

P.S Follow the Rules and lets have fun!! <3

You are allowed to suggest rules but please do so in a respectful manner. If your rule is not accepted we have good reason for that, so don't be offended.

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PostSubject: People Leaving the clan:   Clan Rules I_icon_minitimeTue May 04, 2010 11:37 am

Hey all;

I see that we have lost several good players in the clan. It is saddening to see. I understand some people have issues with rules, and some don't understand why we have these rules; but if we didn't have rules, then we wouldn't have organization. Every clan, every game and life has rules. I can tell you from my experience, there is a reason for rules, there are always going to be rules rather we like it or not. Someone has to be the leader and someone has to be the indian. If we didn't have leaders and rules then we would have chaos. I have been playing this game for quite a while, and I have been in a few of the big clans to include Ceres, and they all have strict rules in their clan. That is what makes them and the one strong, and a head of the other clans. If you think in those big clans you can do what ever you want, that isn't true. You have to get permission to sell outside of clan. Yes, I understand if you don't sell outside of clan, you could be losing a chance to get good vis. But what good does it do to help others, especially those who some day might be your enemy? The very thought!! Ok sarcasm sorry.

The way I see it, if botting was allowed then (G1) wouldn't ban people from the game. So if they don't allow it then why should we? Remember Castro1 isn't the only name in this clan, we all are. And if one person gets marked as a botter and we allow it, then it affects the Bounty Hunter name, which is everyone here in this clan. I don't know about you, but I don't care to be associated with cheaters.

Another issue I would like to address is the people who either got kicked or left the clan. Like (we) said at the beganing, we don't need drama, nor anarchy. There has been those who chose to cause issues in clan chat about rules, it only causes more issues in the clan and drama. That is why they either left on their own or got kicked. If you have an issue that your not to crazy about, by all means let us know. We will either A) get on vent an talk to you about your concern, and either find a solution or try to make you understand why certain rules are in place, not saying you will agree, nor us saying we will agree. But we can agree to disagree *wink*or B) make a squad with you and the leaders. This way you understand that we (leader/vices) are willing to hear you out, and try to see it from your point of view. Not making any promises, but it will at least open up communications.

I just felt that these things needed to be said and cleared up. Somethings aren't always going to be told, because they aren't for other people to hear or their business, and somethings should involve the whole clan. Either way, I love the game and I love the people. So if you have issues, please talk to Luna, me, Souls or War. And if you don't feel comfortable with us, talk to another person who might help you or might be able to bring the subject matter or issue to us.

Thanks for reading my post. If you have a comment, feel free to post. Always looking for feedback. Very Happy

*hugs* Fanta. aka <Flo>
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Clan Rules
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